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Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom

Editor/ Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom is the first of two arcade games created by Capcom and based on the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. The game was also released on the Sega Saturn, packaged with its sequel, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara, under the title Dungeons & Dragons Collection, although the Saturn version limited the gameplay to only 2 players. The game is set in the Mystara campaign setting.
Tower of Doom is a side scrolling beat em up with some RPG elements mixed in. Notable bosses include a troll that regenerates unless burned, a large black dragon, the dreaded Shadow Elf (Mystaras equivalent of the drow), a beholder, the optional superboss Flamewing (a great wyrm red dragon) and the final boss Deimos (an archlich).
The gameplay is more technical than the average on beatem up games. In addition to the usual basic attacks and jumping it includes blocking, strong attacks, turning attacks, dashing attacks, crouching and evading. It also requires the use of careful tactics, as most enemies have the same abilities as the heroes and can outreach them, too.
As important as melee combat is ranged combat and the use of spells. Daggers, hammers, arrows and burning oils can be used as throwing weapons, and many enemies have similar weapons. Spells can be used by means of magical rings or by the two playable spellcasters (a cleric and a fighter/mage).
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