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Creating a drow campaign can be a challenge. Half of your job
is coming up with a good reason for the player characters to
interact with the drow at all. Presented below are fifty sample
adventure seeds to help get you started. The list offers ideas for
drow PCs, non-drow PCs, and characters who are enemies or
allies of the dark elves.
1 A svirfneblin warren notices increasing drow patrols and
seeks protection against these incursions.
2 A surface slave trader is discovered to be a drow in
disguise and flees down an old mine shaft.
3 A drow noble seeks to eliminate his older siblings so that
he will rise in power within his house.
4 Drow wine becomes a hit in local taverns, and the PCs
must journey into the Underdark to establish a secure trade
route with the supplier.
5 City leaders fear that drow saboteurs have infiltrated their
ranks and ask the PCs to ferret out the dark elves.
6 An aged dwarf recounts creating a wondrous sword that
was stolen by drow long ago, and he makes a dying request
to be buried with the weapon.
7 Monstrous spiders start breeding in huge numbers beneath
a halfling community and begin to terrorize their burrow
8 Drow twins have been seen on the surface. One is a noble
warrior, the other a cruel murderer. The PCs must hunt them
down to bring the killer to justice and save the warrior from a
merciless mob.
9 Someone is murdering drow merchants at a peaceful
Underdark trade conclave. The killer must be stopped before
war breaks out between the races.
10 A drow alchemist has found the secret to making
drowcraft weapons and armor that can remain viable in
sunlight. This discovery could enable the dark elves to
conquer the surface world, so the alchemist must be protected
(or eliminated, depending on the PCs’ agenda).
11 A patriarch of Pelor seeks to bring the might of the sun to
bear on a drow city to eradicate its evil.
12 Duergar assassins hatch a plot to kill all the scions of the
noble houses in a small drow city.
13 Followers of Eilistraee seek protection from drow
marauders during an important dance ritual.
14 A substance has been discovered that weakens drowcraft
weapons and armor, and the PCs must sneak it into drow
15 A cult of enlightened drow seeks to reclaim its surface
heritage but is opposed by other dark elves.
16 Dwarf miners break through into an ancient drow temple
and are beset by ghostly spiders.
17 A deep dragon annoyed by grimlock raiders calls in a
debt and asks the drow to clear out the pests.
18 Avatars of Lolth and Corellon Larethian battle in the
streets, and adherents to both faiths join in the fray.
19 The chitine declare one of the PCs to be a prophet for
their race and seek to follow her to freedom.
20 Followers of Vhaeraun seek to infiltrate the Fane of Lolth
and activate a powerful magic item to destroy it.
21 Many albino drow children are being born. Divinations
blame an ancient curse that is coming to fruition.
22 Drow insurgents try to taint a surface city’s water supply
with a virulent form of the disease known as slimy doom.
23 A forest community of elves is discovered to have been
burned to the ground, but no bodies are found. Tracks lead to
a cave in a nearby cliff.
24 Drow merchants want to obtain kuo-toa eggs to sell as a
rare delicacy.
25 A lost drow shrine to an elder god is discovered beneath
a temple of Pelor.
26 Aboleths want to add drow prisoners to their slave ranks
so they can spy on a nearby drow settlement.
27 Tremors beneath a drow city threaten to destroy it
completely. The PCs must explore forgotten tunnels and find
the source.
28 A PC wakes to find spider legs growing from her back,
and she learns that Lolth has chosen her for a special mission.
29 Drow necromancers have opened a gate to the Negative
Energy Plane somewhere in the Underdark. It must be found
and sealed.
30 Injured veterans treated at the local temple of St.
Cuthbert have been emerging with prosthetic limbs of drow
31 Two rival lords court a drow embassy in the hope of
gaining a powerful ally.
32 Three drow who were turned to stone long ago and stored
in the local guildhall have disappeared.
33 A drow blackguard seeks to become a death knight and
must sacrifice two heroes to complete the process.
34 The PCs are asked to investigate a gigantic spiderlike
machine that has been seen plodding through the lower
35 Followers of Orcus try to assassinate the high priestess of
36 A gang of pirates strikes a deal with the drow for magical
support during their midnight attacks on shipping lanes.
37 Clerics of Lolth lose control of many summoned demons,
which roam the Underdark on a rampage.
38 A drow matron has been replaced by a greater
doppelganger that must be stopped before it plunges the city
into all-out war.
39 A drow galley that sank in an Underdark sea is rumored
to contain vast treasures.
40 On a whim, Lolth turns all her clerics in a city to stone.
The PCs must discover how to end her curse.
41 A mad drow prophet seeks to repair the schism between
drow and elves, but both sides try to silence him.
42 Svirfneblin suspect a drow curse when all the gems in
their mine turn to coal.
43 A holy icon of Lolth has been stolen. It must be
recovered, but the mere sight of the icon can kill the viewer.
44 The drow launch a quest to find the sacred web of the
Great Spider of the Underdark.
45 Large numbers of piercers move into a drow cavern, and
skilled exterminators are needed.
46 A murdered drow matron is resurrected and needs help to
regain control of her house.
47 A surface elf decides to investigate his lost drow heritage
and needs safe escort to a drow city.
48 Duergar ghosts take up residence in a drow temple and
must be removed.
49 The king declares drow to be imaginary and wants all
references to the dark elves expunged from the kingdom. The
PCs must investigate this strange decree.
50 Street urchins say that dark elves are kidnapping their
fellows in the night.


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