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[Elder] Minions of Set

The Minions of Set are powerful fighters that can turn into giant snakes. The Minions are agents of the evil deity Set from the Egyptian mythos, and act as go-betweens for him and all other creatures in the multiverse. Once petitioners from the plane of Baator, Set imbued them with special powers needed to carry out his will. They command Set’s forces when he is drawn into conflict with other deities or with the Baatezu, watch over his realm, and even carry out his will on the Prime Plane. Combat Minions of Set usually begin combat in human form unless they are already in animal shape when first encountered. Most Minions prefer not to make their capabilities known, because once discovered they effectively compromise their usefulness to their deity.
Animal Form (Su): Minions are able to assume the form of a giant snake, and a few are able to change into a second form, usually that of a black bear, a medium-sized crocodile, a giant hyena or a medium-sized monstrous scorpion. (Refer to the Monster Manual entries for these animals for complete statistics), this transformation is divinely assisted, and as such only requires a partial action to complete.
Fear Immunity (Su): Minions of Set are immune to all spells and effects that create fear or doubt, such as cause fear and scare.
As Set is a lawful power, he will never destroy one of his proxies on a whim, like some creature from the Abyss might. In return Set demands complete loyalty and servitude from his minions, which they all willingly give. Minions are so fanatical in their service to their god, that they will follow Set's instruction even to their deaths. Despite this they are not mindless automatons.
When viewed as part of the twisted ecology of Baator, Minions are nothing more than predators. When not undertaking a mission for Set, minions steal larvae from the baatezu to bolster their own hordes.

Elder Serpent/Minion

Set is said to bless long-lived snakes with exceptional wisdom. These cunning elder serpents can speak humanoid tongues (although with a sibilant accent) and have learned the value of stealth and the power of intimidation in dealing with humanoids. They show no fear of open flames and have developed an almost humanlike fancy for glittering treasures and magical devices. Some even take class levels, becoming druids, clerics or sorcerers. Yet despite the dangers these creatures pose, their sagacity and unique insights often lead humanoids to consult with them about important matters.


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