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Alternative Spellcasting rules

I've started out with the Unearthed Arcana (UA) Spell Point System, but I've modified it for my games.

First, determine daily spells normally, including bonus spells. Then calculate the spell point allotment for 24 hours from this. Each slot is converted to spell points per the spell point cost table in UA (1st-level spells are worth 1 point, 2nd-level spells are worth 3 point, then 5, 7 and so on).

The daily spell point allotment isn't calculated per the UA method because that would leave many new classes unspecified.

UA specifies a separate per day allotment of 0-level spells. In 3.5, I've added the rule that you can also cast a 0-level spell from 1 spell point (so if you run out of 0-level spells, you can still cast them from spell points). In Pathfinder RPG, 0-level spells can be cast at will (as spell-like abilities, if I remember correctly), which applies since I've switched (mostly) to PRPG in campaigns I run. We may want to adopt this rule too. Or we might even want to adopt more of Pathfinder RPG, but that's another topic.

Spell points aren't recovered in one burst per day, instead they charge continuously. From the 24h allotment we calculate how many rounds elapse for 1 spell point to be recharged: (24*60*60/6)/(daily allotment) = 14400/(daily allotment)

To determine the number of spell points regained over a specific interval, we can calculate that similarly: (daily allotment)*(rounds of time)/14400

Obviously if the daily allotment of spell points reaches 14400, we calculate spell points regained per round instead. This probably won't happen until well into epic levels.

In my current campaign, due to complaints from the players, I've added that while resting (sleeping, trance, etc.) the rate is increased threefold, (the time to recharge a spell point is divided by 3) so that the full allotment is recharged in 8 hours, but this is so far untested.

Bonus slots that change their level (for example, a bonus slot at the highest spell level you can cast) result in changing spell point values, as opposed to the original version in UA, which specifies a fixed value.

Metamagic feats can be applied spontaneously and the spell point cost is calculated from the increased cost normally. Spontaneous spellcasters probably shouldn't have their casting time increased when using metamagic.

A summary of the rest of the rules from UA:

Spellcasters who prepare spells can prepare spells after 8 hours of resting. They can choose spells for spell points up to their daily limit. (Obviously, there's no point in choosing the same spell multiple times.) They can cast any of their prepared spells for spell points at any time. Spontaneous casters can cast any spell they know for spell points at any time.

Spells that deal damage of a number of dice depending on their caster level use the minimal caster level necessary to cast that spell for determining damage. Spending extra spell points increases the caster level for this purpose by 1 for each spell point added, up to the full caster level.

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