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Wizards of the Coast returns to NYCC!

Jacob K. Javits Center, Manhattan

Are you a D&D fan? Stop by booth 1629 to see the latest offerings from Dungeons & Dragons.
Demos of the new RPG starter game will also be going on all weekend.
While you are in the booth, demo and then purchase a subscription to D&D Insider. New customers signing up on-site at the Wizards of the Coast booth will each receive a D&D backpack*! D&D Insider gives you instant access to exclusive content from the online magazines Dungeon and Dragon, previews of upcoming D&D Insider content and D&D products, as well as opportunities to experience new features, such as the Beta test of the new D&D Character Builder. Along with D&D Insider, preview the new D&DPlayer's Handbook 2 and D&D Miniatures Accessories.
Wizards of the Coast has a full schedule of gaming planned for New York Comic Con 2009. Stop by to participate in the Convention Delve and preview new character classes and races from D&D Player's Handbook 2 or enter the expanded 2009 D&D adventure content. Additional fees may apply for some events.
For those players only interested in playing D&D all weekend, New York Comic Con and Wizards have teamed up in 2009 to bring you a $15 3-day gaming badge that allows you entrance to the gaming area and the Javits Galleria**. For more information, visit

Dungeons & Dragons New York Comic Con Events

Friday, February 6
1 PM, D&D Convention Delve --Siege of Blood and Shadow: A terrible gloom has descended upon a town overrun with denizens of dark and evil, the streets awash with blood. You are the last hope for the remnants of the besieged townfolk. Do you have what it takes to be a hero, or will you be lost in blood and shadow? A D&D Delve for 3rd level characters -- get as far as you can in 45 minutes. Play as often as you like and earn prizes! Runs all weekend.
2 PM, D&D Convention Special --Beyond the Door: In a dark corner of the elemental chaos a strange, stone obelisk marks the location of a plain, iron trap door. No lock, ward, or curse guards this portal, yet none who have passed through it have returned to speak of what rests beyond. Some claim that the mortal corpse of Vecna, guarded by undead horrors beyond reckoning, rots away beyond it. Others whisper that the door leads to the black heart of the Chained God, the last physical shard of that dread being. The advice of the wisest sages has led you to this place. You seek the wand of Tzunk. Every sage agrees that the wand was last seen in the hands of Darvek Hahn, and Darvek was last seen passing through the door before you. Can you avoid whatever terrors have claimed so many lives? A 4-hour D&D adventure for 15th-level characters, written by Mike Mearls. Create your own character by downloading character creation rules on or play a pregenerated character provided.
7 PM Three-Dragon Ante Tournament -- Show you're the best of the best by outwitting your opponents in this fun card game! Top 2-3 players from each table advance to play at a final table. Compete for the final prize -- a big stack of Wizards products!
Saturday, February 7
10AM, D&D Convention Delve --Siege of Blood and Shadow
11 AM, D&D Convention Special --Beyond the Door
4 PM, 2009 D&D Product Preview and Q&A -- Learn what's in store for Dungeons & Dragons in 2009, including a summary of all the hot upcoming releases. In addition, ask your questions about current and upcoming D&D products after the preview presentation. A 2-hour presentation and seminar.
7 PM, D&D Mystery Dungeon Challenge -- What evils lurk in the dank corridors and sinister shadows? Come and play in a unique adventure created by DMs that have taken the Mystery Dungeon Challenge. Each DM has created their own dungeon using a set of guidelines we've provided, and they're here to show off their best 4th Edition adventures! A four- to six-hour 4th Edition adventure for 3rd-level characters. Create your own character by downloading character creation rules on or play a pregenerated character provided. If you're interested in creating an adventure for this event, go to for more information on how you can take the challenge!
Sunday, February 8
10 AM, D&D Convention Delve --Siege of Blood and Shadow
11 AM, D&D Convention Special --Beyond the Door
* Limit one per participant, while supplies last.
** The gaming badge will grant you 3-day admission to the Javits Galleria, the Galleria gaming area, and all external areas outside of the main Exhibit Hall. Additional fees for individual events may apply.


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