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DDO: Stormreach Chronicle is Live

Welcome to the Chronicle - a weekly look at what's happening around the forums! Read on for tips, community spotlights, Turbine info, and more!
Letter from the Editors
"People have been very creative this week! From awesome videos to festive cookies, we're very pleased to see so many wonderful creations by our DDO players. Starting with next week's Chronicle, we'll be featuring these great player efforts in a new segment called "Community Spotlight". Additionally, the Chronicle will be getting a face lift, so get ready for a new look for the new year!"
- The DDO Community Team
Guild Hall
The following guilds are looking for more adventurers. Learn more about them here!
Shriners Anonymous, of the Argonnessen server
Compendium Page:
"Small guild with many oldstyle D&D players from the "Chainmail" era of D&D. Low-drama, fun-loving, mature, cooperative gaming. Shriners Anonymous is not particularly end-game or raid-oriented (well, except for a couple of us. They are allied with The Order of the Silver Dragons)."
Lifetakers and Heartbreakers, of the Ghallanda server
Compendium Page:
"Fun: We like getting experience points and quality loot as much as the next player, but the enjoyment of playing the game and the camaraderie it brings remain our primary goals.
Reality: We know that real life comes first. If your spouse/kids need you, work calls or you need to drop off in the middle of an adventure due to a real-life crisis, we understand. We'll wait if necessary. We have grown to be such a close-knit group of friends that we'll have plenty to talk about in the meantime... "
Fallen Heroes, of the Khyber server
Compendium Page:
"The heroes are a guild of young yet mature players. Born on the server Reidra, it comprises a mix of frequent/casual seasoned veterans and new gamers with it's primary role of people come first and a focus on fun for all. "
Inmates of Stormreach, of the Sarlona server
Recruitment Thread:
"we're not the uberist of the uber, but when it comes to having fun, i think we're among the top tier we are the lightning 2's of the fun crowd.
so, if you are looking for just a fun loving guild, or just something new to try out... feel free to come on over, or bring an alt in to test the waters..."
The Order of the Sword and Rose, of the Thelanis server
Compendium Page:
"A guild for mature roleplaying gamers and storytellers!"
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