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Compendium Update

As Bill mentioned in his final Digital Insider column, we’ll bring you development updates when we have new information. Here’s an upcoming look at some changes and enhancements to the D&D Compendium, releasing later this month.

New Interface
We've given the Compendium an overall facelift.

Increased Timeout
The timeout for a single log-in session for the Compendium will be increased to two hours. This timer is reset every time the Compendium is used, so if you're checking in with the Compendium periodically throughout your game or prep session, you should stay logged in without interruption.

Results Per Page
You'll be able to select how many records you want displayed on a single page (20, 50, or 100).

Reset Button
We've also added a Reset button that clears the current filter and current search box and gets you back to a clean slate from which to search again.

Navigating Detail Pages
When browsing the details of your search results, you'll be able to page forward and backward through the individual results, rather than going back to the list page first. We've also incorporated the same paging technique that is used on other parts of the D&D website.

Improved Printing
We've added a Print button to the details pages to make that task more convenient.

Note -- due to changes we’ve made in this version of the Compendium, it no longer supports Opera browsers. We’re exploring the possibilities of a more mobile-friendly Compendium, though, so stay tuned.

Looking ahead…

We consider the Compendium to be the critical hub of data for all of D&D Insider and its suite of applications going forward, and we will continue to invest in it with new filters and functionality, improved usability, and ongoing bug fixes for anything getting in the way of your experience. Please continue to e-mail us or post on the forums and let us know what is most important to you.

About the Author

Didier Monin has settled in Seattle, and has been working for Wizards of the Coast for the past 12 years, first in France then in the USA. He has been a world traveler, has lived on a boat, and has been a D&D gamer since 1980 and favors Dungeon Mastering. He also plays as much online strategy and simulation computer games that he can. Above all, he is married and father of two super nice kids, who enjoy gaming too. He is currently the producer for the client applications parts of D&DI, and posts on the forums under WOTC_DM, not because he is the only DM (Dungeon Master) in WOTC (Wizards of the Coast) but because of his initials.


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