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Best Dungeons and Dragons Spells Ever | Gaming My Way

This is all about the best D&D 3.5 spells ever. A few quick ground rules. First, I’m only using spells from the SRD. In fact, I’m using The Hypertext d20 SRD to be specific. If it’s not in there, you won’t see it here. Also, no epic magic. Epic magic can do anything assuming you can get your spellcraft high enough. I’ll be picking one spell from each spell level. That’s ten amazing spells total. If your favorite isn’t on the list, don’t sweat it, it could still very well be an awesome spell… unless it’s evocation or has a HD cap anyway. Then we might have to get into specifics. Finally, I’m not going for min-maxing on this one… I’m going for fun, possibilities for creative use, or the simple justification of I like using it a lot.
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