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Eberron Unlimited: Building A Stronghold

Stronghold Components
The remainder of this chapter consists of the descriptions of various components you can build into your stronghold. Your choice of components dictates the purpose of your stronghold, whether it’s a military fortress, palatial home, or arcane nexus. Components use the following format.
Name: The name of the component. Each component’s name is unique so that you can distinguish them.
Size: The number of stronghold spaces that the component takes up. This usually ranges from 0.5 to 2 but could theoretically go higher. Remember, a stronghold space averages 4,000 cubic feet or 400 square feet, given a 10-foot-high ceiling.
Cost: Each component has a cost associated with it, listed here in gold pieces.
Prerequisites: Some components have prerequisites, which include other components or staff. For example, if you want a dining hall, you must have a kitchen. If you have a kitchen large enough to require servants, you must have servants (purchased as an extra below) and have servants’ quarters.
Some prerequisites state that you must have a certain component “or better.” That means you must purchase either the listed component or a component of the
same type but higher quality. For example, if you need a library, the fancy library or luxury library also satisfies the prerequisite
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