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A three foot-by-six foot oil-on-wood painting appears to be a recent addition. Thick brown paper lies wadded on the floor around it. The painting, full of grays, depicts a horrible crone with dark skin and bright glowing eyes sitting astride a black warhorse. The hag waves a long pole ending in an iron spike at a pair of ugly humanoids with glowing emerald eyes and covered in chains. They struggle to pull a two wheeled handcart filled with a writhing mass of large fat worms with humanoid heads. More of the vile creatures crawl in the dust around them, their humanoid faces twisted with hate and self-loathing. In the background loom piles of rubble and a massive stone wall that seems to rise into infinity.
The surface of the painting appears slick and wet. Additionally, the subjects seem to actually move, albeit at an incredibly slow rate. Anyone who touches the surface of the painting is instantly transported into an extra dimensional space within the painting (no save). While the active subjects of the painting exist, PCs transported inside remain trapped.
A sheet of vellum on the floor in front of the painting contains a cryptic letter (sec Player Handout 2).
Creatures: The worm creatures arc souls of the damned, collected by evil outsiders to sell, trade, and-oftentimes-simply devour.
All except one, which depicts Archerus in his new form (gained via a baleful polymorph spell triggered when he touched the painting), arc illusions. The horse is a phantom steed, as the spell. The chain devils are real and bolstered with lmron's Augment Summoning feat. The creature on the horse is a soul harvester, a painted creation night hag.


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